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Value adding services

Providing added value for our customers is a key objective with every project we undertake. To provide maximum benefit to our customers, Bazmatic Electrical seeks the opportunity to become involved in projects during the concept and design development phases.

By being involved early on we’re able to add value by constructively affecting design outcomes that help to reduce project costs and delivery time through value engineering, innovative solutions and constructibility analysis.

We achieve this by using our team in areas such as:

  • Design and specification critique
  • Optimum materials selection and procurement
  • Standardisation in selection and sizing of equipment
  • Off-site prefabrication
  • Planning of the installation process
  • Quality and commissioning systems
  • Constructibility analysis
  • Programming and scheduling refinements
  • Commissioning process systems

By working with our customers in conjunction with trusted partners to address these issues early on in the project cycle, and drawing on the best available resources to form an integrated team, we’re able to deliver optimal productivity, performance and sustainability outcomes for our customers.

Management systems

A significant measure of success for large commercial or industrial projects is in the implementation of effective project management skills and systems.

Bazmatic Electrical has a wealth of

experience in employing project management systems that successfully accommodate our customers’ requirements and provide comprehensive documentation that fulfils all regulatory requirements.

Safety First

There’s nothing more important in any industry than Occupational Health and Safety. Bazmatic Electrical treats the health and safety of our staff and all of our clients with the utmost importance.

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